Friday, October 14, 2016

Running Hacks for Beginners

Happy Fri-YAY, y'all! Has this just been the craziest week ever or is it just me? I definitely planned to have this post up earlier in the week, but then you know we had a hurricane and news on top of our news and some how today is Friday. Anyways, with all that being said I am so excited to be sharing my experiences and some of my running hacks today that made getting into running 20 times easier! However please take my hacks as they come from my experience so they may vary, and of course please consult your doctor prior to exercising if you have questions or concerns - your health comes first. Without further ado, lets get right in. 

And if you have any tips to add - please leave them in the comments below! :)

Make a goal // Set a goal - y'all know I am all about some goal planning! The best way to start a new habit is to set your intentions and stick to them. Do you want to participate in a race? Be able to reach a certain milestone? For me, I went from sitting on a couch to signing up for a half marathon mostly because I really wanted to go back to Disney World. When you set a goal for running I highly recommend signing up for a 5k to start with, they're very casual events (with a lot of walkers depending on your mood that day) plus nine times out of ten you'll at least walk away with a tee shirt and free breakfast. 

Have a great playlist // Seriously guys this helps so much! When you have a great playlist it'll wake you up and make you more energized during your run. My taste seem to change just about every day but lately it's been a lot of Chainsmokers, Hamilton, and Disney music. I will say though if you're looking for a great playlist to run to this soul cycle playlist from Hallie at Corals & Cognacs is my all time favorite! (I've got it set up down below for you to listen) I am so wanting to take a trip to Chicago just so I can participate in one of her classes, from her snaps they always seem amazing.

Find an app that works for you // With my goal in mind, I started looking for apps that would (A) teach me how to run a half marathon and (B) record my runs because you know, when you see you ran X amount of miles that given day or time it's pretty darn cool! After doing some research, I decided to start the couch to 5k program which takes you from quite literally sitting on the couch to running a 5k. Let me tell you guys, it whipped me into shape before I knew what was happening. I would highly recommend giving it a try if you're serious about getting into running more often given its a nine week program. 

While I purchased the bundle they offered to get you from couch to half marathon, there are a lot of decent dupes and print outs out there you can find for free. Some other great apps out there to help track your runs and your progress include MapMyRun, Runkeeper, and Nike Run Club.

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Alternate running and walking // This little tip is a big one I learned from Couch to 5k and that's to take breaks between running and walking. Start out small and work your way up, run for thirty seconds then walk for a minute and a half. Before you know it you'll go from struggling in those thirty seconds to being able to run a straight mile. Because running is such an intense cardio workout, you need to make a point to know your body and know your limits - and when you can and can't push them. Don't rush and don't worry if you can't run a continuous mile that first week - it's a marathon, not a sprint.

Invest in active wear // While I'm a sucker for all kinds of active wear, if you're just trying to get into being more active you really only need to invest in two key pieces for your runs - sports bras and shoes. You heard me ladies, you can skimp on just about anything else but without these two you can't set yourself up for success. Good quality athletic sneakers not only help with your stride, but a proper fit and good support can help you avoid injuries and enjoy your runs. Sports bras are self explanatory regardless of your size, some days you just need some max support ladies! I've linked my favorite picks below for you to shop -
Hydrate // If you've ever wondered what role water has in your body's day-to-day functions you should google it right now because it's downright amazing. Keeping yourself hydrated has a million benefits, one of which helping your body to perform and regulate during workouts. You can read more about that here, and having apps to monitor what your taking in can be a big help in understanding what your body needs. 

Find your #fitspiration // Last but not the least, having a good influence and surrounding yourself with others achieving similar goals can have a huge impact on how you choose to treat your body and exercise. My BFF's and I routinely work out together and having them there not only encourages me to get out and run, but makes me more accountable to days when I'm cheating myself. Instagram and Snapchat are also great for this, and I love seeing a community of women get out there  and make an effort to improve their lifestyle through exercise. Pinterest is also a great resource if you're ever needing fitspiration to get out and go. And lets be real here for a minute y'all, if I can get up and do it trust me you can too - it's starts with one step!


  1. These tips are awesome! I am definitely not a runner (I love barre classes) but these tips may just get me to get back into running!


  2. I'm in love with your leggings! The colors are so cool. These are great tips! Especially the alternating between running and walking. You can't expect to run the whole time if you just started.

    Caitlyn |

  3. Invest in athletic wear = so much yes! This often motivates me to run haha especially a nice new pair of running shoes :)

  4. I love these tips! Having an awesome playlist that keeps you motivated is soo helpful!

  5. I am definitely not into exercising but these are great tips for starting out! Plus hydrating is SO important even if you don't go on runs

  6. I love to walk but can't seem to get myself to love running quite yet. I do love my Fitbit keeps me motivated! Also, I couldn't agree more about investing in good active wear :)

  7. Great tips! I used to run a lot but then lost my steam. I seem to always pick it up for a few weeks and then inevitably stop because laziness overcomes me ;)