Friday, September 30, 2016

Varsity Vibes

I may or may not be listening to the High School Musical soundtrack while writing this post. 

Jacket (similar) // Dress (similar) // Shoes // Watch // Bangles // Fitbit
Today I am beyond excited to share with y'all this quick back to school look! With fall fast approaching the temps here in North Carolina have been somewhere between shorts and a tank top and a light sweater. While during the day time it's usually way too warm to be wearing the jacket, but I find having something to throw over when I'm indoors is perfect as I'm just about always freezing.

It was seriously so much fun shooting this look. If you follow along on Snapchat (@pickyourbeau) you might remember I went back to my old high school with my best friend of ten years for these photos, talk about a serious blast from the past! There's a whole new parking lot, and new stadium signs, but other than that walking through the stadium definitely felt like yesterday (it's only been four years, that's not that long right?).

I picked up this dress just before my birthday and it's just an easy thing to throw on and go, and I'm hoping it'll come in as super versatile this fall with some boots and a cozy cardigan! I unfortunately wasn't able to find the exact dress, but I found a similar style with the same brand so that you can recreate the look. This jean jacket has been a big staple in my closet lately and I think I'll be able to use it year round. 

I am so excited to finally be in the fall season, I've already got a busy month planned ahead with two trips and lots of fun content planned! What are you looking forward to this season? Let me know!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Work Wednesday 9/21

Happy Humpday! Today on the blog I am so excited to present a new series which I'm calling "Work Wednesday" which I'll be sharing what I'm working on / what/who is inspiring me, as well as what's on my radar for this week. If you end up liking the idea for this series, please comment and let me know what you think - I'm so excited to be back in the blogging game this month! 

This week I've been working on an outfit post I shot a few weeks ago and am planning to have up probably Friday. It was SO much fun to shoot because I ended up shooting it with my BFF from high school and we shot it at my old high school - with the High School Musical soundtrack playing in the background (#noregrets). It was seriously such a blast to the past though, like I know I graduated from high school in 2012 but I'm still in disbelief that my little brother now goes there and is in his Sophomore year. 

Have you guys seen this new marketing campaign from Cinga? I'm a sucker for good marketing and still getting over McDreamy's death on Grey's so I just about jumped out of my seat when I saw this commercial. Also, Scrubs and MASH just saying.

A few weeks ago I mentioned on Snapchat (if we're not friends we should be! @pickyourbeau) that the month of September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month when Kendra Scott did a proceeds sale benefitting childhood cancer research at MD Anderson. What I didn't mention is why that's such a near and dear cause to me, and that's because in May my little brother was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and has been continuing his treatment since. In the spirt of the month, St. Jude's is hosting a 5k run this weekend in Raleigh benefiting childhood cancer research and all of the wonderful work they do at St. Jude's. I am so excited to be participating in it with my mom and supporting a cause so close to home! You can see the rest of their run schedule here if you're interested in signing up for one or donating to the cause yourself. 

I'm a true believer that there is no better sign of fall than when you get the notification that the Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice latte is back. I'm so happy it's pumpkin season again y'all! I've already had a PSL of course, bought pumpkin spice creamer, had hot apple cider, and found my new favorite cereal with the pumpkin spice flavor of Frosted Mini Wheats! (Big thanks to Carly at TCP for the recommendation) My only complaint is that I seem to only be able to find them at Target. If you know of any other fall favorites I should try please let me know. 

Lately I've been doing a lot of driving lately so I've been listing to a mixture of Podcast and Audiobooks. Hands down favorite one is Sophia Amoruso's Girlboss Radio - each week she interviews a different girl boss and I swear after every podcast I am so inspired by all the incredible women from varying industries she interviews. Each episode is between thirty to forty five minutes trust me by the end of it you'll be feeling like SUCH a #girlboss! 

Last week Helene from Helene in Between hosted a free webinar all about Turbocharging your Traffic which was absolutely fabulous - but even better it turned me onto a blogging community she contributes to called Blog Boss Babe. I'm really, really trying to up my blog game and so I'm trying to take advantage of all of the great resources in the group - I'll keep y'all posted with updates! 

This is my last week of couch to 5k and I could not be more excited! I'm almost a third of the way there towards my half marathon goal - don't worry, I'll be sharing updates as well as some of the tips I've learned over the past two months soon on the blog. 

What have you been working on this week? Let me know!