Monday, June 13, 2016

BIG NEWS - I'm Moving!

This time last year I packed my bags and moved off to Disney World. Prior to that experience I thought I would never want to live outside of my hometown of Chapel Hill, North Carolina - let alone the state itself. I applied for the internship thinking no way would I actually be accepted, said yes and on a leap of faith moved twelve hours away from home with not the slightest idea of a mailing address. (Seriously, with the Disney College Program you find out where you live the day you get there - it's terrifying).

Saying yes was the best decision I've ever made. 

I learned more about myself during those seven months than I ever expected to and if you asked me to do it all over again I'd jump at the opportunity. You can ask any of my friends, I'm absolutely dying to get back down to Disney!

This time around I've got some equally big news - I'm moving to Charlotte, North Carolina this coming August to start my dream job. It is definitely a big and totally unplanned/unexpected change but I could not be more excited for this new experience living in the Queen City!

That being said if you are from the Charlotte area and have any recommendations on places to live please let me know! I've heard great things about the south end area and am looking for a studio style.  Thanks in advance!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Summer Pool Floats

Happy Friday! Today I am excited to be sharing some of my favorite pool floats out this year. Though I haven't been able to make it to the pool much yet, I am definitely planning on it once life settles down - brb dreaming of floating around on the pizza float preferably with an actual piece of pizza.

Which one is your favorite? I'm also eying the swan and I'm pretty sure it's giving me #instenvy given that Taylor Swift has it and all - have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Gift Guide // For the Graduate

Happy Wednesday! Though college graduation season is just about over, high school graduation is right around the corner. Looking back graduation was one of my favorite memories of high school and it stood almost as a turning point for all the amazing things to come the following years. I'm now a college graduate, I have an amazing group of family and friends, I am still crazy about my middle school sweetheart, and just like that I'm making a big move and starting a new job this come August - but more about that later.
I know personally I have two graduation parties this weekend and I had the best time picking out presents for each one of the girls. That in mind I wanted to share what some of my favorites for any budget. 
Which one is your favorite? I personally have the top pair of Kendra Scott earrings so you could say I'm a little biased. Have a great weekend!