Sunday, June 28, 2015

Step Into My Week (6/22 - 6/28)

How is it already Sunday again?! I swear these night shifts are really starting to get to me. I totally love everything about being here, but working until 4:15 last night really threw me through a loop!

Monday through Wednesday // I was working just about non-stop. This week I finished training, and had my check out on Wednesday. Without going into specifics, I will be working out on the waters at Disney World and absolutely LOVE my role!

Thursday // Literally woke up and went to Magic Kingdom just to meet Gaston. I have been dying to meet him for years and my interaction was nothing but perfect!! After getting a selfie with him, he told me he actually invented the selfie so he could look at himself more often. To which I asked if I looked selfie up in the dictionary if I would find a photo of his face - he was very adamant that I stay away from any sort of books because I would get kidnapped by the Beast! My roommates and I were literally dying of laughter the whole time. If you're planning a trip to Disney soon DEFINITELY make plans to meet him he's a hoot!

Since I had the whole day off my roommates and I then went over to Hollywood Studios during the afternoon. On the way over we got caught in a huge rainstorm (what's new Florida?) so don't mind me if I look like a drowned rat when we met Buzz and Woody.

Friday // I spent all morning tucked away in an office getting my boating license. 8 hours and 3 cups of coffee later though I am licensed to operate a boat in the state of Florida! 

Saturday // Woke up and again, went straight to the parks! My BFF (also my roommate and usual photographer) and I headed over to Animal Kingdom to do the Kilamajaro Safari. I have no idea how this was put together, but it was absolutely fantastic. We got to sit front row since we knew our skipper, and seeing all the animals tucked away was such a wild experience.

And then you know, I went into work at 9PM... Definitely going to take some getting used to ;)

How has your week been going? Let me know!


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