Monday, January 26, 2015

Class Wear #OOTD

Every morning getting ready for school I seem to always struggle between two thoughts - should I wear real clothes to class or do I really care that much? On one hand I feel like an actual adult when I put more effort into my outfits but at the same time my Patagonia pullover and fleece lined leggings sound SO much warmer.

On the occasional days that I do look more acceptable for classes it typically looks a little something like this - a loose sweater, jeans, and a flat shoe / boot.

Sweater (thrifted, similar) // Elsa (sale!) // Jeans (thrifted, similar)

Castle Bangle // Chain Link Bracelet (similar)
Cuff (discontinued, similar) // Watch (old, similar)

 If you're a student do you typically "dress up" for classes? Let me know!
Happy Monday!


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