Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kate Spade Surprise Sale

I swear every time these sales happen I get way too excited - such amazing deals though!! The sale starts today and goes through this Wednesday, you can get in through the link here. Due to my budget lately I only picked up the Call to Action Georgie (which coincidentally I've been wanting the exact one for a while) but I've put together a few of my favorites from the sale-

Did you score anything from the sale? Let me know!

Best, kTm


  1. Yes I did! I ordered the Magnolia Park Laurel! So excited :) Tried to limit myself this year haha

    Sugar & Something

    1. I saw that; its stunning!! Right though?! I feel like they do them every couple of months so I try not to splurge too terribly much during each sale.

      Pick Your Beau