Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Five

Can you believe its already Friday?! I feel like I blinked on Monday and here we are. To end the week off on a happy note I wanted to share with y'all some songs I have been loving lately -

(1) We'll Come Back Around (Craig Morgan) // I think this is definitely in my top three favorite songs of all time. It sums up being in a relationship so well and every time I hear it my heart just melts!

(2) Canaan Smith // I saw him open for Sugarland years ago and was so impressed by him then. We even got to meet him and he was the sweetest guy! Finally hearing him on the radio lately makes me so proud and I highly recommend you check out We Got Us and Love You Like That.

(3) Steal My Girl (One Direction) // Say whatever you want, you know you love this song. #hatersgonnahate

(4) Marilyn (Alexa Goddard) // I first heard this on the new playlist at work and I am obsessed!!

(5) Lonely Eyes (Chris Young)  // I've been a huge Chris Young fan for years - he never seems to disappoint!
What's song have you been listing to on repeat lately? Let me know!


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