Monday, November 24, 2014

Black Friday Essentials - For the Shopper

There is one test separating me from Thanksgiving Break this year. With traveling home to spend Thursday with my family (with a chance of snow, might I add!) and driving back that night to work Black Friday it's definitely going to be a crazy week for me. 

Although I will be missing out on all the crazy shopping fun this year, I have found through the years the same things always turn into necessities when you're out bracing the crowds and making a mad dash finding parking spot.

  1. Plenty of Water // It is SO easy to get dehydrated while out shopping all day. Any typical day I do it to myself already but when shopping I tend to get so distracted it's the last thing on my mind. Make sure to pack bottles with you or be prepared to stand in line at the food court for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Comfy Shoes // I can't emphasize this enough. Every year I see women with heels and it makes no sense to me. Black Friday shopping isn't just your everyday trip to the store, you're going to have bags on top of your bags and the last thing you want to worry about is your feet.
  3. Game Plan for the night // Failing to plan is planning to fail. Do your research before going out and know exactly what you are going for when you hit those big stores (i.e. Target, Best Buy, etc). If you can come up with a list and a plan of attack it will be so much easier to pick up (and not forget) all your must haves!
  4. A Shopping Buddy // Although I typically love shopping alone, I would never recommend going by yourself on Black Friday. Once you're actually doing the shopping the whole experience is exciting, getting to that process can get very boring if you're by yourself waiting in line. Plus, she'll totally be able to talk you in/out of that fabulous impulse purchase that's too much of a good deal to pass up.
  5. Mobile Charger // Between posting photos of your Thanksgiving meal on Instagram and tweeting all about what you're #thankful for this Holiday weekend, odds are your phone is going to get very close to dying. One of these itty-bitty devices will be your saving grace while you're waiting in line playing candy crush.
Are you going out this Black Friday? Let me know!



  1. This is the first time since 2005 I'm missing out on Black Friday shopping and I'm so bummed about it; I always go with my sisters when the stores first open and then get early morning breakfast before heading home and going back to bed. I might try to swing by the mall on my way home when I get off at 2am just so I don't completely miss out. This is a great guide! Having a game plan is key to success