Friday, August 22, 2014

What's In My School Bag

A lot of schools have started this past week - we fortunately do not actually start until Tuesday which is perfect since I have been working non stop this this week (and of course, this weekend). But boy am I excited to go back already. I'm a creature of habit, so I love the routine of the school year.

I'm kind of a nosey person and I love what's in my bag post (don't worry, there is one in the works!) but today I thought I would share what I keep in my backpack for school as well as how I organize my notes for class.

First things first, you have to start with a good backpack. I mean like a really high quality, supportive back pack because those books can cause serious back problems. I've never been a big tote person because they tend to kill my shoulders. I have a North Face Recon Backpack and I absolutely adore it. I got it for Christmas my junior year of high school and this year I will be a junior in collegeand have no plans what so ever on retiring it anytime soon. Definitely one of the best gifts I ever received. (I always recommend black because it goes with everyone and doesn't show dirt!)

Inside the large compartment of my bag I keep a 5-subject notebook and use this to organize all my notes for class. Then of course my Jumbo Lilly Pulitzer Planner, see post about more great options here, two folders (for MTW and TR classes), and occasionally my MacBook Pro depending on what I'm doing that day in class. I also tend to switch between a few pouches for my pencil case - this one is from Target's dollar section.

In the second, small compartment of my bag I keep my calculator, hand cream, and a 31 zipper pouch (holding hair elastics, headphones, mini stapler, etc). This pouch is seriously a lifesaver - I have all these little things you never know when you'll need and it keeps it all tidy and clutter-free.

Do you prefer totes or backpacks for school? Let me know
(And don't forget your umbrella this school year!)
Have a great weekend everyone!

Always, kTm


  1. We do have some similarities haha! I try to keep an umbrella in mine too. You never know when it might decide to downpour on your way to class!


  2. My sister is starting college tomorrow, and my main piece of advice for her was to take an umbrella everywhere!! The worst thing in the world is to be caught all the way across campus in a rainstorm!

  3. So smart to always have an umbrella with you! Also, LOVE that Lilly Agenda!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  4. I prefer a backpack over a tote any day. I love that Lilly Agenda, and the pencil pouch!!

    ~Lauren H.