Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week Recap - Beach Trip

I'm sorry I've been such a terrible blogger lately - last week my first night at the beach (so Sunday) I sat down and had all these ideas of post I wanted to crank out while at the beach. Now it's the following Wednesday and none of them were even started. I did make sure to take lots of photos though - so I figured I had to share!

I met my family down at Topsail Island (if you've ever been to a NC beach let me know!) for the week expecting sunshine. Wrong - it literally rained every single day we were there. I think the only relatively nice day was Friday. So between the mud and seemingly hurricane-like storm we had Wednesday night we played a lot of cards, watched a lot of movies, and did some shopping around the island. 

 (The two above photos are from the cutest little beach furniture store on the island - is it weird when you get excited about home decorations?)

Friday of course we had to get out on the boat and do some fishing. There are little islands off of the island that you can anchor your boat, walk off and enjoy the day. We stopped at one of those for a while before heading to Seers Landing for lunch - and then had a relaxing afternoon sitting on the dock. Per usual I got a little too much sun but it was so worth it.

As rainy as it was, I definitely needed the little mental break before heading back to school.

What have y'all been up to as of late? Let me know!

Always, kTm

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  1. I just got back from the Outer Banks in NC, and it rained while we were there too! We also took advantage of the cute shops. I totally know what you mean about getting excited over home decorations!