Monday, August 18, 2014

Mani Monday + August Julep Maven Unboxing

Remember when I shared my first Julep Box last month (that you can get for $2.99 btw!)? I was SO impressed with the polishes they sent me - the formula is great and the colors are really unique. You know how people say when you love something, you buy every color of it? Well yeah - that was my intention, so when the window opened to pick out your August box I couldn't get to it fast enough. 

I'm not going to lie, online I was a little disappointed with the colors picked out for this month. It was the "Wanderlust" collection, and there was a mixture of blues and purples and all of one red color - which is a big problem for the girl who sticks to traditional colors and neutrals. The craziest color I've gotten before this was Essie's "Mint Candy Apple". (Their beauty selection was on point though!)

But with back to school (aka football season) coming up, I sure have been in the purple and gold mood lately. So I ended up picking a lilac-looking purple "Katie", a glittery gold "Tazeen", and their Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat.

What I received my Maven box I was pretty surprised - I had Katie, I had the base coat, but Tazeen was replaced with Sushmita. (Which was kind of a let down, but hey you can't go wrong with pink right?!)

Before now I had been using the Seche base coat, and before that the Orly Bonder, but I was blown away by Julep's Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat. It dries on your nails to a matte-like finish in seconds and makes polish application a breeze. Would DEFINITELY repurchase. It's pretty pricy, but being able to get it in my maven box was great! I ended up liking Katie (pictured below) on my nails a lot more than I thought I would. Something I've noticed about my Julep polishes is that they change in the light sometimes, and this one tends to go from the bottle color to a lilac color. I've gotten a lot of compliments on this one too! I haven't yet tried Sushmita, but I sure am excited to! I looked online and the color seems to be a very nice pink with their "silk finish".

 (This is a week-old manicure by the way, isn't that crazy?)

Have you tried Julep Maven yet? If not you can sign up here.

Always, kTm

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  1. That purple color is so pretty!! I am someone who almost always has nails that are some shade of purple, blue or green (I'm not as big on traditional nail colors) so I love it haha!! :-)

    xoxo A