Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Happy Hump Day! I thought today we could shake it up a bit and do the TMI tag. I've seen it all over YouTube, and I personally love tags because it not only gives y'all a chance to know me better, but it gives me a chance to get to know you better!

(1) What are you wearing? My new PINK spirit jersey and leggings - so comfy!
(2) Ever been in love? Yes
(3) Ever had a terrible breakup? Yes
(4) How tall are you? 5"2 and a half
(5) How much do you weigh? 116
(6) Any tattoos? No
(7) Any piercings? Just the classic one in each ear... does that count?
(8) OTP? (I had to google OTP - one true pairing) Nate Archibald and Serena Vanderwoodsen
(9) Favorite show? Probably Law & Order SVU, and I'm obsessed with Scandal and Mad Men!
(10) Favorite bands? I'm not really a "band" person. I really like Eric Church, Luke Bryan, and Chris Young.
(11) Something you miss? My little who is 100+ miles away from me right now :( 
(12) Favorite song? I have three - "Hell on the heart" by Eric Church, "Lost" by Chris Young, and "Old Red" by Blake Shelton.
(13) How old are you? 19
(14) Zodiac sign? Virgo - anyone else have an August birthday coming up?! :)
(15) Quality you look for in a partner? I have to be able to trust someone completely.
(16) Favorite Quote? Currently its "Make it simple, but significant". (Anyone know where its from?)
(17) Favorite actor? Leonardo DiCaprio
(18) Favorite color? Navy & Pink (and coral!)
(19) Loud music or soft? Loud - I blare it in my car!
(20) Where do you go when you’re sad? To be by myself - sometimes a little alone time is all you need.
(21) How long does it take you to shower? It varies - day to day probably ten minutes, but if I'm washing my hair (I do this like every three days - perk of accutane) or shaving it takes more like thirty.
(22) How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Again depends, if I'm making myself presentable about an hour or so.
(23) Ever been in a physical fight? In elementary school I got pushed down on the playground by this girl and broke my wrist. 
(24) Turn on? A great smile.
(25) Turn off? Smoking. Drugs (of any kind). A bad attitude. Any bad habit really.
(26) The reason I joined Blogger? My blog is such a creative outlet for me - and I love connecting with people all over!
(27) Fears? Being alone.
(28) Last thing that made you cry? The Fault in Our Stars... don't even get me started. I get sad just thinking about it.
(29) Last time you said you loved someone? Last night
(30) Meaning behind your Blog Name? I love it, it fits me perfectly.
(31) Last book you read? The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks for the 20th time (not joking - it's one of my favorite beach reads)
(32) The book you’re currently reading? Still working on The Wolf Of Wall Street (for like three months now... whoops!)
(33) Last show you watched? Scandal
(34) Last person you talked to? My boyfriend
(35) The relationship between you and the person you last texted? Again, my boyfriend haha.
(36) Favorite food? I am a huge sushi fan!! I also LOVE sweet potatoes - let me know if you have any good recipes. 
(37) Place you want to visit? I would love to go to Nepal.
(38) Last place you were? No where exciting thats for sure.
(39) Do you have a crush? Does my boyfriend count?
(40) Last time you kissed someone? Like two weeks ago maybe?
(41) Last time you were insulted? I can't remember. 
(42) Favorite flavor of sweet? I love dark chocolate anywhere I can get it. 
(43) What instruments do you play?? I never learned anything more than the recorder - and I'm terrible at that.
(44) Favorite piece of jewelry? My Anne Klein watch - It was the first nice thing I ever bought myself.
(45) Last sport you played? Probably pool pong - would that be considered a sport? I'm not really a "sports girl" anymore. I used to play field hockey and swim competitively though!
(46) Last song you sang? "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea (haters gonna hate)
(47) Favorite chat up line? I love jokes as pickup lines - my favorite is "What do you call an alligator in a vest?" (AN INVESTIGATOR)
(48) Have you ever used it? all the time
(49) Last time you hung out with anyone? Besides my roommate its been a while.
(50) Who should answer these questions next? You should! I would love to hear your replies!

Let's get personal - let me know your answers in the comments below!
Have a great day y'all!

Always, kTm


  1. I'm a Virgo birthday too!!! I'm born in early September. Yay for us! :-)

    xoxo A