Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Accutane Experience - Month Three

Hey y'all! Sorry for my absence lately - these past two weeks have been a little crazy for me.

I can't believe I'm already halfway through the process! I have already seen a big improvement from where I started off back in March. Unfortunately in the past, any sort of acne product always started to work really well for me... then just kind of stopped. And this I felt happened with the 40mg I was taking. My face started breaking out again, and what really scared me was that I started to get oily again... I hadn't seen a touch of oil on my skin since I started.

  • Severe Dry, Itchy Skin // My skin is so fragile right now, I literally can't open a water bottle without cutting my hand open. My hands are covered in little nicks and long scratches. Before accutane I was already pretty clumsy, now I have additional bruises to prove it... I have no idea where they come from! 
  • Chapped Lips // Nothing new besides I've gone through two or three tubes of carmex now. I swear it used to take me forever to get through a whole tube of lip balm.
  • Nosebleeds // About the same, not much there.
  • Dry Eyes // They're the worst after having my contacts in all day. Thank goodness for eye drops!
  • Dehydration // Always, always, always have to have water with me wherever I go or else I end up feeling dehydrated. 
  • Oil Production // Definitely picked up in my third month! I did not miss all that gunk in the least bit. 
  • Joint Pain // This started this past month for me. It only really happened if I was on my computer typing for a while or if I was crocheting (which if you've knitted in the past, you know how intensive this can be!). 
  • Sun Sensitivity // NO JOKE. I wasn't kidding about the heat blisters I had after being in the sun for thirty minutes. If I do go outside, I have to be super generous about the sun screen. So much for being tan this summer right?!

All and all, my side effects could be so much worse right now! 

By the time my dermatologist appointment rolled around for my month three checkup (once every thirty days y'all), my doctor and I both agreed to up my dosage from 40mg to 60mg because of all the oil production. I'm about a week into that and already feeling a big difference. 

If you have any questions or advice please let me know in the comments below!

Always, kTm

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  1. Accutane is so intense! My acne has been awful ever since I was 12 (I'm now 23). It's still bad and all over my face and body. I've thought about trying accutane so I enjoy reading your monthly experiences with it! Very helpful!