Friday, July 25, 2014

Lily and Laura

If you're a big boutique shopper like me, you've probably seen the Lily and Laura bracelets before. The first time I saw them I thought they were the prettiest thing, but as a girl with the wrist of a child (I'm not joking, my Pandora bracelet is the common child size) - I thought no way in the world would they fit me without falling off the second I put my arm down. But to my relief it fit like a glove!

*Image via company website

If you are unfamiliar with them, they are hand-made glass bead bracelets that are designed to roll over your hand. They come in a variety of gorgeous colors and since they are hand-made, no two are the same! On their website it says that each bracelet is "like a little piece of art" which I 100% agree with. They're so unique And they are seriously so well made - these things are indestructible.

What really sold me on the brand was that each bracelet is made by a woman in Nepal (see video here), and part of the sales from your purchase helps to improve their quality of life. This way, they are directly giving back to the women of Nepal that created your new bracelet! (How great is that?!) And a plus? You receive a card along with your bracelet with the name of the woman who made your bracelet - for me this just makes it so much more personal.

I only have one right now (wanted to try out a pretty neutral first, its a mixture of white, gold, platinum, and a brassy gold), but I already can't wait to get more! At the boutique I bought mine, they were either one for $12 or three for $30. Gorgeous, inexpensive, and a great cause!

Have you seen these around (or have one of your own)? Let me know what you think!

Always, kTm

*This post not sponsored by Lily and Laura - just a genuine fan!

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  1. I've seen these around, and I always thought they are so pretty! I have child size wrists too, so it's good to know they would still fit :)