Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Accutane Experience - Month Four

If you're familiar with my previous updates on my accutane experience you might remember that I was on the 40mg dosage. This past month my dermatologist upped my dosage to 60mg - a mere 20 mg difference couldn't possibly change so much could it? 

WRONG. This month has been very hard on me. The side effects are much worse at the higher dosage - 
  • Severe Dry, Itchy Skin // My skin seems to always be irritated - if I don't moisturize it at least once a day it is definitely not a happy camper. 
  • Chapped Lips // Same old, same old - Carmex is my BFF.
  • Nosebleeds // Surprisingly I haven't had any since upping my dosage. My nose is super dry, but it hasn't bled whatsoever.
  • Dry Eyes // They've gotten much dryer (especially if I wear my contacts), I typically use eye drops once a day and that helps a lot. 
  • Dehydration // I'm still having to drink a lot of water and can tell immediately if I am getting dehydrated. I just bought a 24 oz Tervis water bottle though and love it! Drinking water is so much easier when you have a larger bottle.
  • Oil Production // The whole reason we upped the dosage was because my face was getting oily again, and now its staying dry as a bone. 
  • Joint Pain // While on the 40mg I didn't have much of this at all which was surprising because back during high school I had serious joint problems while playing field hockey and swimming. Now on the 40mg I am constantly having joint pain in my hands - not so much my knees (which were the worst before!). Still, forever feeling like a little old lady.
  • Sun Sensitivity // I haven't been out in the sun all month so not much to report - I'll be at the beach all next week though and will keep you all posted! 
Now my skin hasn't  cleared up as much as my dermatologist and I had hoped it would - right now theres a big chance that I will be going from a 6 month program to a 7 or 8 month plan. Which I don't know if I should be excited or sad for - on one hand the side effects are not fun but they are manageable but at the same time my hair always looks amazing. I can literally go for days without washing it and it still looks fabulous (they say accutane "re-trains" your skin - hopefully it will "re-train" my hair's oil production as well.) Fingers crossed it will stay like this after!

If you have any questions or much needed advice please let me know!

Always, kTm

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Although everyone is feeling that back to school itch and stores are currently having their end of summer sales I would just like to remind everyone - summer is not over!!

It seems like once the fall semester starts everyone is in such a rush to break out the jeans, pullovers, and boots (I have to admit though, I can't wait to break out my Bean Boots!). In North Carolina especially it doesn't actually cool down until maybe October, maybe. And even then its like 60 (which if you're from the south you know how cold that can feel) - my point is summer isn't over. Enjoy the warm weather while it last!

One of my favorite things to do during the summer time is be outside - whether I'm at the pool, beach, or lake there is just something about feeling that warm sun on your skin. And as much as I love my bathing suits, my favorite thing to do is lounge around the dock in my PFG.

Columbia PFG fishing shirts make the perfect cover up! They're designed for being out in the sun all day so they are super light and breathable yet very well made and durable. Mine is a size medium, but I could have definitely gotten a small (men's size). Its also quick to dry and comes in an assortment of colors. The best part though? There are pockets everywhere! They're all kind of hidden, but theres at least four in the front - perfect to throw your phone in and go. I've also seen a ton monogrammed! You can either have your's monogrammed or Marley Lilly sells the short sleeve version as well!

Do you have a favorite cover up for summer? Let me know!

Always, kTm

*Post not sponsored by Columbia PFG - just a genuine fan!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Lily and Laura

If you're a big boutique shopper like me, you've probably seen the Lily and Laura bracelets before. The first time I saw them I thought they were the prettiest thing, but as a girl with the wrist of a child (I'm not joking, my Pandora bracelet is the common child size) - I thought no way in the world would they fit me without falling off the second I put my arm down. But to my relief it fit like a glove!

*Image via company website

If you are unfamiliar with them, they are hand-made glass bead bracelets that are designed to roll over your hand. They come in a variety of gorgeous colors and since they are hand-made, no two are the same! On their website it says that each bracelet is "like a little piece of art" which I 100% agree with. They're so unique And they are seriously so well made - these things are indestructible.

What really sold me on the brand was that each bracelet is made by a woman in Nepal (see video here), and part of the sales from your purchase helps to improve their quality of life. This way, they are directly giving back to the women of Nepal that created your new bracelet! (How great is that?!) And a plus? You receive a card along with your bracelet with the name of the woman who made your bracelet - for me this just makes it so much more personal.

I only have one right now (wanted to try out a pretty neutral first, its a mixture of white, gold, platinum, and a brassy gold), but I already can't wait to get more! At the boutique I bought mine, they were either one for $12 or three for $30. Gorgeous, inexpensive, and a great cause!

Have you seen these around (or have one of your own)? Let me know what you think!

Always, kTm

*This post not sponsored by Lily and Laura - just a genuine fan!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Happy Hump Day! I thought today we could shake it up a bit and do the TMI tag. I've seen it all over YouTube, and I personally love tags because it not only gives y'all a chance to know me better, but it gives me a chance to get to know you better!

(1) What are you wearing? My new PINK spirit jersey and leggings - so comfy!
(2) Ever been in love? Yes
(3) Ever had a terrible breakup? Yes
(4) How tall are you? 5"2 and a half
(5) How much do you weigh? 116
(6) Any tattoos? No
(7) Any piercings? Just the classic one in each ear... does that count?
(8) OTP? (I had to google OTP - one true pairing) Nate Archibald and Serena Vanderwoodsen
(9) Favorite show? Probably Law & Order SVU, and I'm obsessed with Scandal and Mad Men!
(10) Favorite bands? I'm not really a "band" person. I really like Eric Church, Luke Bryan, and Chris Young.
(11) Something you miss? My little who is 100+ miles away from me right now :( 
(12) Favorite song? I have three - "Hell on the heart" by Eric Church, "Lost" by Chris Young, and "Old Red" by Blake Shelton.
(13) How old are you? 19
(14) Zodiac sign? Virgo - anyone else have an August birthday coming up?! :)
(15) Quality you look for in a partner? I have to be able to trust someone completely.
(16) Favorite Quote? Currently its "Make it simple, but significant". (Anyone know where its from?)
(17) Favorite actor? Leonardo DiCaprio
(18) Favorite color? Navy & Pink (and coral!)
(19) Loud music or soft? Loud - I blare it in my car!
(20) Where do you go when you’re sad? To be by myself - sometimes a little alone time is all you need.
(21) How long does it take you to shower? It varies - day to day probably ten minutes, but if I'm washing my hair (I do this like every three days - perk of accutane) or shaving it takes more like thirty.
(22) How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Again depends, if I'm making myself presentable about an hour or so.
(23) Ever been in a physical fight? In elementary school I got pushed down on the playground by this girl and broke my wrist. 
(24) Turn on? A great smile.
(25) Turn off? Smoking. Drugs (of any kind). A bad attitude. Any bad habit really.
(26) The reason I joined Blogger? My blog is such a creative outlet for me - and I love connecting with people all over!
(27) Fears? Being alone.
(28) Last thing that made you cry? The Fault in Our Stars... don't even get me started. I get sad just thinking about it.
(29) Last time you said you loved someone? Last night
(30) Meaning behind your Blog Name? I love it, it fits me perfectly.
(31) Last book you read? The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks for the 20th time (not joking - it's one of my favorite beach reads)
(32) The book you’re currently reading? Still working on The Wolf Of Wall Street (for like three months now... whoops!)
(33) Last show you watched? Scandal
(34) Last person you talked to? My boyfriend
(35) The relationship between you and the person you last texted? Again, my boyfriend haha.
(36) Favorite food? I am a huge sushi fan!! I also LOVE sweet potatoes - let me know if you have any good recipes. 
(37) Place you want to visit? I would love to go to Nepal.
(38) Last place you were? No where exciting thats for sure.
(39) Do you have a crush? Does my boyfriend count?
(40) Last time you kissed someone? Like two weeks ago maybe?
(41) Last time you were insulted? I can't remember. 
(42) Favorite flavor of sweet? I love dark chocolate anywhere I can get it. 
(43) What instruments do you play?? I never learned anything more than the recorder - and I'm terrible at that.
(44) Favorite piece of jewelry? My Anne Klein watch - It was the first nice thing I ever bought myself.
(45) Last sport you played? Probably pool pong - would that be considered a sport? I'm not really a "sports girl" anymore. I used to play field hockey and swim competitively though!
(46) Last song you sang? "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea (haters gonna hate)
(47) Favorite chat up line? I love jokes as pickup lines - my favorite is "What do you call an alligator in a vest?" (AN INVESTIGATOR)
(48) Have you ever used it? all the time
(49) Last time you hung out with anyone? Besides my roommate its been a while.
(50) Who should answer these questions next? You should! I would love to hear your replies!

Let's get personal - let me know your answers in the comments below!
Have a great day y'all!

Always, kTm

Monday, July 21, 2014

Julep Maven

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably saw my post about my very first Julep Maven box that came in the mail this past weekend - let me just say I was blown away. I've never tried a subscription box, but I've been seeing the ads for a your first Maven box free for a while and finally caved in. All I had to pay was $2.99 for shipping and I received all this -

It's called the "Summer Nights" box, but it sure fit me to a tee! It came with three full sized polishes (retail $14 each) - Marjorie (orange), Ramona (pale lilac/pink), and Maddy (hot pink). Their Rock Star Hand Cream (retail $20 - perfect for my super dry hands), and the Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum (retail $28).

I put Ramona on my nails yesterday and so far am really loving it! In the bottle it looked like more of a white to me, but on it switches from a light lilac color to a light pink. The polish its self was very easy to apply and super opaque on my nails.

I definitely recommend you try the Julep Maven out for yourself! You can sign up here.

After your first free month, there are a few different plans you can sign up for - the most economical being $19.99 (with three month subscription) or $24.99 (buying it monthly). If you want to get a little more there is also a $39.99 (buying it monthly) subscription and a $34.99 (three month prepaid) option. And you can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

If you're a beauty junkie like me I definitely recommend you go for it, at least try out the free box! I already can't wait for my August box to come!

Have you tried out any subscription boxes before? Let me know I definitely want to try more!

Always, kTm

*Post not sponsored by Julep, I'm just genuine fan of the product!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The College Girl's Guide to Managing Your Finances

First things first, I am not a professional on this subject what so ever. Although I am a finance major, I still have a lot to learn to take this post with a  grain of salt. (It's just the budgeting system I have found works best for me right now.)

Being in college, it is a great day if I have over $400 in my bank account. If you're currently in college, or have since graduated you know what I'm talking about. I am very fortunate and very blessed that my parents cover my tuition and rent, as well as part of my living expenses. The rest however (like my groceries and personal spending aka shopping) are up to me to cover. And even though I have a job, I don't work 24/7 because I'm still a full time student.

To me managing my finances isn't just about knowing how to budget my money, but also saving money whenever I can.

This is what you will need -
  1. An agenda or planner // I don't mean a special financial one, just any one that you generally use for day to day. You can see some of my favorite picks for this fall here.
  2. Microsoft Office // Most colleges offer office to their students either for free or at a discounted price. Downloading it from your school really saves you quite a bit! For my Macbook Pro, the software currently cost $139.99 (yikes!
  3. A Credit Card // Sounds dangerous right? Actually, college is the PERFECT time to get a credit card. I cannot emphasize this enough! Those four (or five + if you plan on graduate school) years is the best time to build up your credit so that when you go to graduate and do all of those adult things (like buying your own car) your credit score will already be good to go and its easier to be approved for loans! I recommend a cash back card - for example the Discover It card which is made for students.
Starting with your planner, I organize mine by writing anything financial or work related in the calendar view and anything school related in the weekly view. This keeps my finances and school completely separate - and gives me a bigger view of what the month will look like money-wise for me. For example, I get paid bi-weekly from my job, and on the off weeks my dad gives me a little something to help. This way, I can see exactly where my money is coming from every friday and approximately how much it should be. It also helps me to remember that $25 from my checking automatically goes into my savings each month - this way I can make sure to take it out of my excel sheet. If the money is never there I never miss it!

(This is my new Jumbo Tusk In Sun Lilly Pulitzer agenda showing August, so there isn't much information just yet! I typically plan everything out on the first of the month.)

While school is in session, I use MS Office all the time! Whether I'm writing a paper or doing a group powerpoint, its always one of the most used programs on my computer. Excel especially is my favorite, because this is how I keep track of my assets and liabilities, as well as my net income. All accounting terms aside, this simply means I know exactly how much is in my checking account, my savings account, and anything I have charged to either my Discover card or any store cards. At the bottom of the page I have all the money I currently have minus how much I owe, which lets me know what my real "spending money" is.

Simple enough, right?

Now back to the credit card. Don't be daunted by the idea that "credit cards are bad for you". A credit card is simply a tool - something you can use to both build up and destroy your credit. It's all in how you use it. You have to spend smart - I only use my credit card for gas and groceries (or larger college expenses like textbooks). Gas and groceries, gas and groceries, gas and groceries. That gorgeous dress at my local boutique? If I really need it (which 9 out of 10 times I don't), I either pay cash or use my debit card. When you have to pay for something upfront it makes you think more about whatever you're buying. If I buy that dress now, I won't be able to go out to dinner with friends over the weekend.

No one ever realizes that if you pay off your credit balance before your statement arrives that the payment you just made does not contribute to your credit score. So always, always, always wait until you receive your statement before you pay off your card! The whole point of getting a card is to build your credit - something you're not doing if you pay it off same day. You might as well have just used your debit card if you're going to do that.

So now that you know how to plan out and budget your money, you have to start saving-
  1. Coupons // Although time consuming, coupons are basically like free money. There is a fabulous guide for beginners here. Also, shopping at a different store can save you some serious bucks. I had been shopping at the Harris Teeter in town ever since I went to college and was shocked when I walked into a Food Lion at how inexpensive everything was compared to HT's prices! (And don't forget, Dollar Tree carries a wide variety of supermarket brands and everything is only $1.)
  2. Drink More Water // Besides the fact that water is amazing for you (see recent post here), if you have a sink or faucet in your dorm room or apartment its FREE! Oh and when you go out to a restaurant? 99% of the time its free there too. Just make sure to invest in a reusable water bottle because disposable bottles can get expensive real quick.
  3. Utilize That Discount // So many places give student discounts (or military, AAA, etc) - always ask before purchasing anything! (Especially with techy items - I got $200 off my Macbook Pro just for being a student)
  4. Housing // This is more so location specific, but it has been my experience that living in a student apartment complex is actually cheaper than living in the dorms. Yes, I have three roommates and a tiny room - but its MY room with MY own bathroom and closet and a million times better than living in the dorms. And saving that nice little $1200? I'm definitely a fan.
  5. Have Fun Without Spending Money //  When you do a cookout run with friends or sit and catch up over Starbucks thats money out of your pocket. And while the $5 for a cup of coffee may seem insignificant at the time, think about how it adds up. One of my best friends and I would always get coffee twice a week, once before class and once before our group meeting. There are typically 16 weeks in a college semester. 16 weeks times $10 a week... thats an easy $160 I could have used to buy a new Longchamp or put aside for Spring Break. Try going on a hike together or having a Netflix and wine night instead - just as much fun and so much cheaper!
How to you manage your money while in school?! Let me know!

Always, kTm

*I am no financial expert nor is this a sponsored post - all views and images are my own.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Picking The Perfect Planner

Can y'all believe we've already made it through the first week of July?! Where is my summer going?

Its always right around this time that most of the fun summer stuff has already happened (still waiting on my second beach trip, and I worked fourth of July) that I start getting really excited for school to start back up again. Seeing my friends, having a real social calendar, getting busy with school work, and of course, picking out my new agenda for the year!

I don't know about y'all, but I couldn't possibly survive the school year without some sort of planner. I have to have everything organized and color coded or else my whole life just turns into a mess (I wish I was joking). And the planner you get makes a huge difference, theres so many things to consider - the style, the size, hardcover versus soft, etc... This past year I had a Lilly Pulitzer agenda (of course, right?) and I'm torn between getting another Lilly or getting something new - these are a few of my favorites!

Lifeguard Press sent out the new Kate Spade agendas to a few bloggers who did reviews on them and I am a huge fan of the inside layout, its so clean and professional. Especially this green almost leopard printed color - love! Then the Erin Condren planners - which are a bit more pricy - I think are the holy grail when it comes to organizing schedule each and everyday. Plus, this year the covers are removable, so you can change it whenever you start to get tired of your original design.

This is only the start to a little "back to school" series so be on the lookout - there might even be a giveaway coming up (wink wink ;)).

What agenda are you getting for the upcoming school year? Let me know!

Always, kTm

*This post is not sponsored, nor am I receiving any compensation for promoting any of the above brands. I am just a genuine fan!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Accutane Experience - Month Three

Hey y'all! Sorry for my absence lately - these past two weeks have been a little crazy for me.

I can't believe I'm already halfway through the process! I have already seen a big improvement from where I started off back in March. Unfortunately in the past, any sort of acne product always started to work really well for me... then just kind of stopped. And this I felt happened with the 40mg I was taking. My face started breaking out again, and what really scared me was that I started to get oily again... I hadn't seen a touch of oil on my skin since I started.

  • Severe Dry, Itchy Skin // My skin is so fragile right now, I literally can't open a water bottle without cutting my hand open. My hands are covered in little nicks and long scratches. Before accutane I was already pretty clumsy, now I have additional bruises to prove it... I have no idea where they come from! 
  • Chapped Lips // Nothing new besides I've gone through two or three tubes of carmex now. I swear it used to take me forever to get through a whole tube of lip balm.
  • Nosebleeds // About the same, not much there.
  • Dry Eyes // They're the worst after having my contacts in all day. Thank goodness for eye drops!
  • Dehydration // Always, always, always have to have water with me wherever I go or else I end up feeling dehydrated. 
  • Oil Production // Definitely picked up in my third month! I did not miss all that gunk in the least bit. 
  • Joint Pain // This started this past month for me. It only really happened if I was on my computer typing for a while or if I was crocheting (which if you've knitted in the past, you know how intensive this can be!). 
  • Sun Sensitivity // NO JOKE. I wasn't kidding about the heat blisters I had after being in the sun for thirty minutes. If I do go outside, I have to be super generous about the sun screen. So much for being tan this summer right?!

All and all, my side effects could be so much worse right now! 

By the time my dermatologist appointment rolled around for my month three checkup (once every thirty days y'all), my doctor and I both agreed to up my dosage from 40mg to 60mg because of all the oil production. I'm about a week into that and already feeling a big difference. 

If you have any questions or advice please let me know in the comments below!

Always, kTm