Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tube Talk - Beauty Gurus

I, (like a lot of people I imagine) tend to spend way too much time on my computer. And I will be the first to admit it. Whether its working on my blog, doing some homework, I probably log at least 3-5 hours on the computer each day. I will start doing something for ten minutes, look up and its been two hours. This especially happens with my "black holes" aka Pinterest and YouTube.

Just like with blogging, I love fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. So naturally, I am obsessed with watching beauty gurus! Especially these girls -

(1) Sarahbelle93x - I swear, she reminds me so much of like the classic best friend. Total girl crush. She's gorgeous, HILARIOUS, and has a heart of gold! Her and glamorista16's relationship makes me so jealous - they're adorable!

(2) Missglamorazzi - She is so quirky, cute and adorable! Her videos are always amazing quality and super fun to watch. Plus - she has a minion obsession! :)

(3) MsBrittanyBrat - I think the reason why I like her so much is because we are so similar its crazy. Love, love, love her!

(4) Glamourkate08 - Now I don't typically like high school gurus (not that they'res anything wrong with them of course, I just can't identify as well anymore) but I love this girl. She seems very mature for her age and she has great style. Definitely wish I knew her back when I was in high school!

(5) Raychulllkins - I discovered her right before I started my accutane journey (read all about here and here) and she has a fantastic accutane series up. She literally posted once a week while taking the drug: talking about the side effects, progress, etc. It was very inspiring to watch going into it, and although she is now on her second round of accutane, she still has lots of great advice!

(6) MayBaby - If I had one word to describe this girl - PEPPY. And I love it, she's adorable!! She reminds me of a young missglamorazzi. (Also has the minion obsession too :) )

(7) Delphinexoxo101 - I just love her laid back style, yet she's still not afraid to be herself (aka the best kind of weird) in front of the camera!

(8) Glamourista16 - Although we have completely different style, I just love her personality. She also puts out a lot college advice videos that are just fabulous! 

Do you have any favorite beauty gurus? Let me know!

Always, kTm

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  1. I love Youtube beauty gurus! I could watch them for hours! Some of my faves are Jaclyn Hill, ThatGirlShaeXo, Makeup by Ali, Shaaanxo, and SMLx0.