Monday, June 16, 2014

Summertime Pool Day Essentials

Now that it is officially summertime, when I'm not at work or school my favorite thing to do be outside. Unfortunately, I don't get to the beach often enough but there is a pool in my apartment complex that I can just walk to if I have a few hours free that day to tan and relax.

 1.) Sunscreen // Always, always, always put on some sort of SPF whenever you are going into the sun! In the past (pre-acctuane), I loved using the Australian Gold SPF 15 tanning oil to get my tan on. However, a side effect of the accutane is sun sensitivity, so this year I have been alternating between the Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 30 and Banana Boat Sport SPF 50. 

2.) Pool Towel // Sounds obvious but I have forgotten this so many times. This one has little lobsters on it! TJ Maxx is the best place for good quality, yet inexpensive pool towels. 

3.) A Good Read // I am currently working on The Wolf of Wall Street, but love flipping through magazines (especially Cosmo & InStyle)

4.) Nike Golf Hat // This one is sea foam green and what I love the most about it is how light weight it is. I always make sure to have my face protected - its always the first thing to burn.

5.) Snack // I tend to get the muchies whenever I am out in the sun for an extended period of time, and these veggie chips (by Eat Your Vegetables) are super yummy!

Incase you were wondering my pool bag is actually the Lilly Pulitzer insulated cooler (in the print Booze Cruise) but this thing is amazing for the pool, so sturdy and you don't have to worry about it getting wet. 

What are your essentials for a day at the pool? Let me know!

Always, kTm

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  1. I agree, TJMaxx is the absolute best place to grab towels! They also have a good selection of cheap sunglasses for people like me who are notoriously bad about breaking/losing theirs