Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Whats In My Weekender

Summer is finally here y'all! And with summer comes weekend trips away (I am so happy to be going to the lake this weekend!) Whether you are going to the beach, the lake, or simply just home for the weekend these are my packing essentials:

1.) Clothes // As far as a change of clothes go, I typically pack about three days worth of outfits I can wear out and about and pick pieces that I can interchange easily and dress up or down. Then typically three days worth of casual outfits that I can wear to bed and around the house.   White pants and chambray shirts are always a go-to! And don't forget a bathing suit! I typically bring two and a cover up.

2.) Shoes // Who doesn't love shoes right? Except when they take up like half your bag! Keep it light, I always pack my Jacks (they dress up and down very easily), my Rainbows (for the beach/lake), and some tennis shoes (my mom and I always try and get outside wherever we are). And if you can, try and wear your tennis shoes on the drive because they are the chunkiest!

3.) Beauty // Keep it simple and be realistic - if you're going to some body of water are you really going to need your full make up bag? You might wear make up out to dinner, but honestly with that tan building do you really need it? No way, let your natural beauty shine!

Definitely don't forget your hygiene products- but you can find a lot in the travel section at Target! If you aren't a fan of any brands they offer, head over to Five Below or Dollar Tree and pick up some mini travel bottles. Bringing the full product will take up way too much space in your bag! And don't forget that toothbrush!

What are your packing essentials? Let me know!

Always, kTm

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