Monday, May 5, 2014

The Shellac Hack - Perfected!

I seem to always have to have something on my nails- but can't stand when my nails start to chip three days later. About a year ago, a friend talked me into getting a shellac manicure and I loved it! I just stuck with the normal french, but it lasted at least two weeks before it ever chipped and let me tell you- I am ROUGH on my nails. However, shellac manicures can cost a pretty penny so I have been looking for an at home DIY shellac routine and I believe that I have found the perfect one!

The image above goes from day 1 of the hack to day 7 and its still going strong! I currently have a few chips (maybe two or three little ones around the edges) but keep in mind my nails have also been through a beach trip this week, pool water, and last night I even put up some shelving!

It starts with this- American Classics Gelous Gel Top Coat // the key to the hack. You can pick it up for about $6 at Sally Beauty Supply.

Any polish of your choosing (this week I chose Essie's Raise Awareness)

Any top coat of your choosing (I have been using Essie's No Chips Ahead - best one out there I swear!)

Here is the order of the hack-

*I typically wait about 15 minutes between each coat, so be prepared to sit for a hour or two.

**For lighter colors, use a third coat of nail polish, another coat of gelous, and then the top coat!

Let me know if you try this or know of a better hack, I would love to see!

Always, kTm

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