Thursday, May 1, 2014

5 Ways to Beat the Stress of Finals

Happy finals week! (just kidding) I am stressing out too I promise. Whether you are in college or high school, final exams in general are always really tough. Back in high school I remember it was more making sure everything was done, where as in college its more of making sure your grades are where you want them to be (or in some cases- passing!! cough cough macroeconomics anyone?)

However, in the midst of all the coffee fueled, sleep-deprived crazy mess going on around your final exams it is important to stay calm and more importantly, together at all times. Personally, I tend to psych myself out of things and the dread is what leads me to doing poorly. These are the five things I like to do the most to help beat the stress of finals-

1.) Paint your nails - For me this takes about one to two hours (is this normal?)  and its just a little time to treat myself. When my nails look perfect I just feel so much more put together!

2.) Take a shower - Sounds a little silly, right? But there is just something about a nice long shower where you just sit there and absorb the heat. Put a hair mask / facial mask on, sit down and just relax for 30 minutes. You'll get out feeling so much more refreshed and ready to take on your next assignment.

3.) Binge-watch your favorite television show (no more than 2, 3 hours top!) - Netflix is probably the worst thing ever introduced to college students, it makes me so unproductive! But sometimes you just need to not think and indulge in your favorite guilty pleasure. Mad Men is one of my all time favorites!

4.) Catch up on your reading - Get lost in a book for an hour or so, I'm currently reading The Wolf of Wall Street!

5.) Do 15 to 30 minutes of yoga - Roll out your yoga mat and find your inner peace. Yoga for me is time to be alone with my thoughts while getting more comfortable and confident in my own skin. Sun Salutations are great when you only have five or ten minutes, but if you can spare twenty to thirty I highly recommend looking up a sequence on Pinterest and getting in tune with yourself. Sounds crazy but it works!

What are y'all's favorite ways to de-stress during finals? Let me know! 
Good luck and may the curve be ever in your favor!

Always, kTm


  1. Great tips! My finals are in about a month, but I am already dreading them.

  2. i love your blog! i'll definitely be following :) Would love if you checked out my blog as well